Trunk mounting case in progress.

-1/2" MDF
-Thin carpet (same used for Subwoofer boxes)
-Original Packing Foam
-#6 1" screws (Robertson (square) or Phillips(+) preferred)
-Contact Cement
-1" vent caps
-Small piano hinge (can be cut to size)
-4 Threaded bushings (for side-mounting holes)
-4 small bolts to fit bushing

-Tape Measure
-Power Drill
  -bits: 11/4", 1", 3/4", 1/2", 7/64" (pre-drilling for screws), 1/16" (pre-drilling for smaller screws)
-Table saw or circular saw
-Hack Saw (to cut hinge)
-Swiss Army Knife (or other pen/utility knife)
-Screw driver - as appropriate for screw type
-Disposable Brush (for cement)